Made while going stirCRazy during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Hey, I'm WowCool the monkey.

One of the things I think is hardest for me about all the online group meetings is not being able to break out and speak one on one with those in the group quickly and easily. We are always just talking to one person, and talking over each other, and I thought it would be nice to not feel like i had to talk to more than one person in the group at a time.

Well, this is a tool to make that easier. Now, everyone can just come to the meeting at the same time, pick some topics, and chat directly with eachother for a few minutes. This tool makes it easy to mix and match for one on-one-chat with group members. Pair up specific people, or just random match and see what happens!

In the forest, as monkeys, we will just wander around and bump into other monkeys, and I think that it's important for video conferencing too.

Just so you know, this site offers a free and secure video chat service. Nothing is recorded, or stored. We just connect users, and create an encrypted direct video chat connection between. That said, by using the service you agree to our Terms of Use . Built using WebRTC. If you like what you see, you can buy us some bananas to cover the operating costs each month and we will give you extra space and more options all the way up to custom enterprise setup.

Good luck to you out there, be safe, and stay stirCRazy!.

Founder, stirCRazy Video Match

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